don’t cross the streams!

I said I wasn’t going to cross my blog topics over, but well.. yeah.

Like I’ve said in the occupydallas tinychat, I’m disabled and have, in the past, used a service dog to mitigate my disability. Kaylee, my service dog, passed away in January after a brief but hard-fought battle against cancer, and while I’m not quite housebound, busy places with lots of crowds have become very nearly unmanageable for me since then unless I’m with people I know- and preferably a dog or two, even if they’re only a pet.

So my help is going to have to be off-site, someplace quiet. I’m hoping to help some with transportation, maybe, and blogging or doing media/social media work, especially now that I’ve got the tethering set up on the new phone and a good long life on my netbook battery.


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