Whoosh – day one is over

And I’ve blogged and reblogged a bunch of photos on my Tumblr here – but day one is over, and I think can be called a success. The police were cordial, the march itself went well, and in general, things seemed to go pretty smoothly. The two GAs went okay, although there was some hijacking apparently by ISO (International Socialist Org) over whether or not smoking was allowed in the GA. (Not cool, guys- also not cool is taking over as moderator of the stacks and hten only calling on your friends.)  There was a rumor this evening about a riot, but at least report from Michael at 11:35 (@Presto_od) everything was totally calm- people were sleeping and there was some drumming going on.

I blogged today from the satellite media center- first at Starbucks, then Panera, then at Buzzbrew Cafe in Deep Ellum. Thanks guys!


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