Parking for #OccupyDallas

Today I went down and investigated the options for parking for anyone who is NOT taking DART into downtown for OccupyDallas tomorrow. It’s honestly a mess.

This is a cap from google maps. It *should* biggify if you click it.

The green tree icon at the top center is Pike Park. The orange line leads to the nearest public parking garage (max of $10/day). The red X is for a private lot with no business to ask for acess. The Green O is the AA center parking. It says for fan shop/box office use only. I don’t think it’d be a good thing to try it, but no clue.  At least on Saturday, when the Texas OU game is being broadcast on the outdoor screens on the far side of the AA center, they will likely open it up.

Victory Ave does not have any parking meters and is one way (headed South).  Victory Park Ln, which is one way north and runs behind the AAC, DOES have metered parking, with a 2 hour max.

The closest public parking, free, is… I’m not even SURE where. There’s a public parking garage on Museum at Victory (google map here – just to the left of the indicator.) It’s $5/all day or all evening. I’m not sure about closing hours- there wasn’t anyone in the booth when I drove in to ask. I would BET it is not overnight but it’s hard to tell. With the W Hotel right there, they may allow overnight parking? There *are* a few other parking garages over closer to the JFK memorial (including a comparatively cheap lot behind the 6th Floor Museum with a very sweet parking attendent who helped me get un-lost). The lot at the edge of “West End Historic District” is $9/day.


A lot of the street parking appears to be limited to 2 hours.

Taking the Dart Rail to Victory station (or West End, which would be a trek but not at all un-doable- it’s got more trains coming and going than Victory does, especially over the weekend and during mid-day) is by far the best option.

More google maps to be added as I draw them out.